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Cosmetic Facial Surgery

Here are the most popular facial cosmetic surgery procedures that can help you improve your looks.


As factors like age, Sun exposure, smoking and weight loss take a toll; the skin begins to lose elasticity and the ability to renew itself. The jaw line begins to slacken and the face and neck area start showingfie line and wrinkles. Face lift can offer the perfect solution to correct these signs, holding back the signs of ageing significantly.

The face lift or rhytidectomy has advanced over the years to give your face a fresh, natural and youthful look. By tightening the underlying muscles of the face and neck and removing excess skin and fat, it can create a firm jaw and neck line. In addition, it cansmooth out deep wrinkles, achieving a younger, more rejuvenated face.


Rhinoplasty or nasal surgery can improve both the aesthetics and function of the nose dramatically improving patients’ self-esteem and image.

Rhinoplasty surgery can increase or reduce the size of the nose, bridge or tip of the nose, nostrils or space between the nose and the upper lip. The nose can also be reshaped by altering the bone, cartilage and the soft tissue in the area, improving both the outward appearance of the nose and the internal structure. Bumps in the nose can be eliminated with most patients delighted with their new nose which in most cases causes considerable change to the facial features.


Blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery helps removal of excess skin and muscle from the lower and upper eyelids to correct drooping eyelids and remove bags from underneath the eye area.

The procedure involves removing excess loose folds on the lid area and the removal of excess fat from directly below the eye which is then re deposited in the surrounding eye area resulting in a more youthful and awakened appearance.


Otoplasty or ear correction surgery is usually performed to move ears closer to the head. It can bedone to reduce the sizes of ears and correct very small ears and stretched lobes. The main aim of otoplasty is to reduce the prominence of the ears and to create a more natural shape and look to the area.