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Monthly Archives: January 2017

Cosmetic Facial Surgery

Here are the most popular facial cosmetic surgery procedures that can help you improve your looks.


As factors like age, Sun exposure, smoking and weight loss take a toll; the skin begins to lose elasticity and the ability to renew itself. The jaw line begins to slacken and the face and neck area start showingfie line and wrinkles. Face lift can offer the perfect solution to correct these signs, holding back the signs of ageing significantly.

The face lift or rhytidectomy has advanced over the years to give your face a fresh, natural and youthful look. By tightening the underlying muscles of the face and neck and removing excess skin and fat, it can create a firm jaw and neck line. In addition, it cansmooth out deep wrinkles, achieving a younger, more rejuvenated face.


Rhinoplasty or nasal surgery can improve both the aesthetics and function of the nose dramatically improving patients’ self-esteem and image.

Rhinoplasty surgery can increase or reduce the size of the nose, bridge or tip of the nose, nostrils or space between the nose and the upper lip. The nose can also be reshaped by altering the bone, cartilage and the soft tissue in the area, improving both the outward appearance of the nose and the internal structure. Bumps in the nose can be eliminated with most patients delighted with their new nose which in most cases causes considerable change to the facial features.


Blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery helps removal of excess skin and muscle from the lower and upper eyelids to correct drooping eyelids and remove bags from underneath the eye area.

The procedure involves removing excess loose folds on the lid area and the removal of excess fat from directly below the eye which is then re deposited in the surrounding eye area resulting in a more youthful and awakened appearance.


Otoplasty or ear correction surgery is usually performed to move ears closer to the head. It can bedone to reduce the sizes of ears and correct very small ears and stretched lobes. The main aim of otoplasty is to reduce the prominence of the ears and to create a more natural shape and look to the area.

Beauty Tips for Gel Nails

Many people have a frustrating experience when they getting a manicure at a salon or at home. Only, for this reason, people showing interest on UV gels when they take a manicure. Basically, people like to use a UV gel manicure because they last for a long time and offer an attractive glossy look to the nails. Here are a few tips for those who like to use gel nails and also for those who are waiting for a perfect manicure to make their nails attractive.

If your nails are too long, you will up with ridiculously long nail two or three weeks later, and after that, you may not able to do function. To get a perfect look you should not make your nails too long, you need to make it sure that they have trimmed short and perfect. You can allow them for growth while the gels are on.

Dip gel nails stay for two or three weeks, but you should remember that there will be a gap on the nail bed where they newly grow. But you can avoid this problem by using three tricks. You can select a polish color that you can fill yourself. A pink, red or tan color that you have at home is a good option. Besides this, you can also try a shade where you would not notice the gap, such as a light pink or a pale gold. The last option you can select which is getting a clear nail with a colored tip. You can use this process when you are going for a trip. Generally, you can use a black tip which grows nicely, also, you can repaint your nails by using a clear polish which fills the gap and adds a bit of shine.

If you are looking the best results as normally you should, then make it sure that the gels are soft. To get a soft and good quality gel nails, you should use good brand’s products. Your Dipping powder nailsshould be bent a little with your nails. If they are not able to do that, then after a week they will start to peel. Also, there might have some bad effects on your nails. If your used product is not good and if they do not bend with your nails, then they might break your nails.

Also, gel nails save your money if you know the trick how to do that. Many women like to visit a salon for removing them, but you should not waste your money for removing gels by visiting a salon. You can easily remove them at your home. You just need to file the top of your nails, to roughen up the gel. After that, you need to dip cotton balls or pads into acetone polish remover, and then apply them to the top of the nails. Before starting the removing process, you have to make it sure that you covered your fingertips by using tin foil to hold the wet cotton in right place. Now you should wait or ten to twenty minutes then use an orange stick to remove all gel. If you perfectly do the process then the gel will come off really easily and also, you will able to save $25.

Perfect designs on nails can give you attractive look as well as individuality but you should understand that which product is perfect for you. Also, you should go for a good quality product to get and perfect result as well as healthy and good looking nails.

Treatment for Port Wine Stain

What is port wine stain?

A port wine stain is a vascular birthmark on the skin that is usually pink or ruby red in color. The mark is so named, because it resembles port wine poured over the skin. Port wine stains are usually present at birth, but can also occur soon afterwards, or in early childhood. They can typically be seen on the face, but can appear anywhere on the body.


Port wine stains occur as a result of the abnormal collection of dilated blood vessels in the skin. However, medical researchers are not sure of the precise reason for this. They generally differ in size, but may change in appearance and darken as time passes. They often become darker when the blood flow through the vessels becomes slower, often causing the skin to take on a thick, lumpy appearance.

Best treatment for port wine stains

Several types of therapies have been used to treat port wine stains, but laser treatment; in particular the pulsed dye laser is considered the best. Laser treatment produces excellent results with few side effects. It also has low risk of scarring, and skin pigmentation problems.

The pulsed dye laseris a unique class of laser because it uses organic dye as the lasing medium. The laser emits a concentrated beam of light, and it selectively targets the blood vessels in the skin, and does not damage the surrounding tissue.

How does the laser treatment work?

The light from the laser is converted into heat, and is absorbed by the red pigment in the blood vessels. The energy heats the lining of the blood vessels, and the resulting effect is that they gradually close off.

Treatment takes about 15-20 minutes on average. It make take a series of 4-7 treatments to achieve the desired improvement, as darker port wine stains tend to respond more slowly to treatment. However, the dye laser has been used to successfully treat port wine stains in both children and adults.

Is it painful?

Patients will experience a stinging sensation, which feels a lot like when a rubber band is snapped against the skin. Most patients are able to tolerate the discomfort without the need for any type of anesthesia.

What should you expect?

After treatment, the port wine stain will appear a lot darker, and this can last anywhere from 7-10 days. The mark will start to lighten after about 4 weeks, and this will continue for the following 2-3 months.

Are there any possible complications

The pulsed dye laser is a very safe technology for treating port wine stains. There is minimal risk of scarring, or of any changes in skin texture. After treatment patients are advised to routinely apply sunscreen to prevent sun damage.

Patients should be aware that the pulsed dye laser may not remove the port wine stain completely, but it can significantly lighten its appearance.

At Nowak Aesthetics we also use the Nd: YAG laser to treat port wine stains. The 1064nm Nd: YAG laser is also an effective treatment for port wine stains. The energy from the long pulsedlaseris readily absorbed by the pigment in the blood vessels.

The Nd: YAG is often used in cases where the lesions don’t clear completely after initial treatment. This may occur because the shorter pulse laser is unable to penetrate down to the deeper components of the port wine stain. The ability to penetrate deep into the skin is what makes the Nd: YAGa better option for treating port wine stains that are located in areas that make them resistant to short wavelengthlasers.

Reasons to Consider Beautician Training

If you are still wondering whether to apply for beautician training, then mentioned are some reasons which will surely change your perspective:

Helps Be an Expert in The Field:

One of the primary reason why you need to enrol for a beautician training is the fact it is your steps towards becoming a professional beautician. Furthermore, you can start your own salon or consider working for salons available. It is a great feeling when someone acknowledges you to be an expert who knows different beauty services.

Client Satisfaction Is of Paramount Importance

While you still have expertise, there is every possibility of not being hired just because you do not have a degree to flaunt. Well, the same can be well taken care of when you apply for the right beauty salon training. A lot of clients prefer hiring beauticians who are well versed with the proper training and course. This is another reason why you should not neglect the importance of beauty salon training. Furthermore, clients feel they are in thesafe hand of the expert as they rely on you to get beauty tips and ideas.

You Can Be Your Boss Too!

Once you have mastered the expertise of being a beautician you can consider working for a salon or be your own boss. It is your call! You can offer beautician home serviceto the existing customers. In fact, it is an excellent way to earn extra income.You might have seen beauty home services have gained a lot of popularity as people prefer getting pampered in the comfort of their house instead of travelling to a salon. Well, you can take advantage of the same by offering beautician home services with the beauty parlour franchise.

It Is More Than Just Makeup

Once you are done with the course or training, you get to know it is more than looking good. As an expert, you should be aware beauty tips and tricks that go a long way in making someone look great on a special occasion. You will be hired for weddings, anniversaries and so on.

Well, these are just some of the top reasons that state enrolling for a beautician training is vital.