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Beauty Tips for Gel Nails

Many people have a frustrating experience when they getting a manicure at a salon or at home. Only, for this reason, people showing interest on UV gels when they take a manicure. Basically, people like to use a UV gel manicure because they last for a long time and offer an attractive glossy look to the nails. Here are a few tips for those who like to use gel nails and also for those who are waiting for a perfect manicure to make their nails attractive.

If your nails are too long, you will up with ridiculously long nail two or three weeks later, and after that, you may not able to do function. To get a perfect look you should not make your nails too long, you need to make it sure that they have trimmed short and perfect. You can allow them for growth while the gels are on.

Dip gel nails stay for two or three weeks, but you should remember that there will be a gap on the nail bed where they newly grow. But you can avoid this problem by using three tricks. You can select a polish color that you can fill yourself. A pink, red or tan color that you have at home is a good option. Besides this, you can also try a shade where you would not notice the gap, such as a light pink or a pale gold. The last option you can select which is getting a clear nail with a colored tip. You can use this process when you are going for a trip. Generally, you can use a black tip which grows nicely, also, you can repaint your nails by using a clear polish which fills the gap and adds a bit of shine.

If you are looking the best results as normally you should, then make it sure that the gels are soft. To get a soft and good quality gel nails, you should use good brand’s products. Your Dipping powder nailsshould be bent a little with your nails. If they are not able to do that, then after a week they will start to peel. Also, there might have some bad effects on your nails. If your used product is not good and if they do not bend with your nails, then they might break your nails.

Also, gel nails save your money if you know the trick how to do that. Many women like to visit a salon for removing them, but you should not waste your money for removing gels by visiting a salon. You can easily remove them at your home. You just need to file the top of your nails, to roughen up the gel. After that, you need to dip cotton balls or pads into acetone polish remover, and then apply them to the top of the nails. Before starting the removing process, you have to make it sure that you covered your fingertips by using tin foil to hold the wet cotton in right place. Now you should wait or ten to twenty minutes then use an orange stick to remove all gel. If you perfectly do the process then the gel will come off really easily and also, you will able to save $25.

Perfect designs on nails can give you attractive look as well as individuality but you should understand that which product is perfect for you. Also, you should go for a good quality product to get and perfect result as well as healthy and good looking nails.